In Memoriam : George Williams

George Williams George Williams - age: 89
(March 07, 1933 to November 13, 2022 )
Resident of Visalia, California

Visitation Information:
Graveside Service will take place on Friday, December 2, 2022 at 12:00 p.m. at the Visalia Public Cemetery at 1300 W Goshen Ave, Visalia, CA 93291.

I'll always remember Dad as a man of few words.  Not that he didn't have anything to say, but he was
content to listen most of the time.  Most of the time...  My memory is not what it used to be, but the only
time I can remember him getting mad at me was when I was around 10 years old and used the headlights
of an old truck, he had for BB gun target practice.  He had no problem being vocal that day!  He loved
cars and trucks and I know more about the history of the Ford Mustang than most people thanks to him. 
His passion for anything with wheels included his old John Deere tractor which he loved so much he
eventually bought a second one.  He had many great stories involving his buddies and their cars...  I wish
I could remember all of them.  He was always generous, especially later in life.  I have fond memories of
being woken by Mom an hour or two after bedtime because Dad came home from bowling and brought a
pizza.  Everyone knows him for his creations which he was very proud of.  I'm sure he's looking down
from Heaven with approval at all his sculptures that are (really) all over the US.  He was a craftsman,
tinkerer, artist, sculptor, painter, and a thousand more things all rolled into one.  He was the Dink in
Creations by Dink, but to me he will always be Dad.

My Dad
Dink, that’s the name people would ask for when they came looking for the person that made the
creatures. He loved talking to them and telling them stories and talking about anything Also showing
some of the old stuff hanging around. My dad was always there for us kids. When my mom passed away
for around six months, I believe every day I would stop by pick-up his newspaper and bring it in the
house. I would heat up water and make myself a cup of coffee. After a short time of coming by every
day I would come into the house, and he would have the water heating up already.
Living here with him for around the last 17 years there were a lot of great memories. These last few eeks
were tough but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Often, I thought if I could just give him 10 years of my
life just so it could have been better for him. Now he’s in a better place. He’s with mom and Grannie.
Also, his dad, mom, and family.
He taught us a lot about life and was always willing to listen. You might not like the answer, but he
would tell you, his thoughts. I loved him very much. I’m sure he knew that, so my word of advice, make
sure you tell that person how you feel while they’re still here. So, you have no regrets.
Last thing, when my mom was still alive, I would drive by off and on all the time. I would tell myself next
time. Well next time was often longer than I thought. Now knowing what I know, I would have been
more of a pain for them both. There’s so much I would like to say but I’ll leave it as this. I’ll miss him like
I do my mom. Until I see them again.
Your son
Love forever

My Daddy,
Growing up as the only girl in a house full of brothers, my Daddy has always been my special
“Superhero” way, way back before it was a popular notion.
One of my favorite memories from my childhood was an early Monday morning school day when it had
been raining buckets of water all weekend long. Because it was pouring rain, my Daddy drove my
brothers and I to school in his work truck. When we pulled up to the front of the school it was so flooded
that the children were having to walk through about 6 to 8 inches of water to get to the school gates on
the other side of the sidewalk. My Daddy took one look at that and told us to sit tight for a few minutes.
He got out in the pouring rain and went to the back of his work truck. He was in the construction
business and had everything he needed to make things 100% better for all the kids. He pulled out 2 wide
planks of wood about 8 feet long and immediately put them together and then laid them across the
growing pond of water blocking access to the school grounds. He quickly formed a temporary bridge
over the water that ran from the street side to the front sidewalk of the school making sure that all the
kids could cross without soaking our socks and shoes in the water. He made sure it was secure and
tested it himself and then told us to go ahead and walk across safely to school while keeping our socks
nice and dry. Then all the other students started doing the same and were cheering that he had saved
the day! He was a real “Superhero” in my eyes that day and I was so very proud that he was my Daddy!
Over the years he has always continued to be my “Superhero” and at the ripe old age of 66 I still knew I
could always count on him to be there for me anytime I needed him. Just like that little 8-year-old girl
who loved him so.
I will always love you Daddy,
Forever and ever!

George Williams aka Grandpa, Dink, Dad, Father-in-law
I have been part of this family for 41 years. I called my father-in-law Grandpa.
Grandpa had four children. He had 10 grand kids plus a few more bonus grandkids. He also had 19 great
Hs wife Annona has been gone 18 years this past October. He would often say “I’m ready to go to see
my wife” but God had other plans.
Grandpa stayed young by keeping busy, he loved to paint but mostly loved to create art by making
creatures out of motorcycle parts and anything he could use to bring them to life. He was a jokester and
loved scaring me. He would be looking over the fence and all you could see was his head and when I
would notice him staring at me it always startled me and would laugh.
It was my honor to take care of him in his final days. He would often say “I’m ready to go” and for me
(us) not to be sad. He was ready to go to see his wife and all his friends and loved ones who had already
gone before him.
He was honored by the city of Visalia for his artwork. The city put on a gallery of his statues on main
He was on the news and in the newspaper, recognizing him. He was very proud and honored.
To say he will be missed is an understatement. Everywhere we look is a memory of him.
A family friend told me “God needed the gate to heaven soldered so he called Dink home.”
Love Vickie

How I remember dad, there’s so much to say about him and not enough words to tell about the
memories I have of him, he taught me so much, don’t fear what you can’t understand, always try your
best, be honest.
Hard work will reward you, sometimes not when you’re finished but later, maybe even years later. As I
grew up if I did something wrong, I would think Dad is going to be very upset and tan my hide, but when
he got home form working and Mom told him, I was surprised we would talk about it, and he would help
me understand what I did was wrong, and then show me why not to do that again.
Memories of BBQ’s when we were kids. Dad loved to BBQ friends and family and just simple cooking,
hot dogs, hamburgers, and then Dad had his own recipe for chicken.
Dad worked with his hands on cement work and some woodwork and those are two things he taught
me, I worked with him and tried to do as good a job as he. Years later I now work with my hands, not the
same work, but still use them just as though he taught me.
In the early days Dad had a hobby he built and flew RC airplanes and years later I tried my hand at it too,
like father like son. Just one of the few things rubbed off on me from my dad.
Dad had a funny sense of humor, I can remember one Christmas sitting around with mom and dad and I
asked dad, “so what are you going to get mom for Christmas?” He then said, “A new skill-saw” and we
would all laugh.
Dad loved to bowl he was on one of the teams in town and when he would have a game he would get
home late, me and my brother and sister would be our beds and when he came home around 10-o’clock
mom would come in and tell us your dad brought some pizzas home. We always looked forward to
bowling nights. There are so many memories of dad, it would take a lifetime to tell them all. In the last
10 or so years me and my wife would visit dad and sit and listen to the stories he would talk about things
that happened in his life.
I know that he is somewhere now that he said was taking too long to get to, he’s with mom and I’m sure
it seems like it was yesterday for them.