In Memoriam : Margrit Rickey

Margrit Rickey Margrit Josefina Rickey - age: 95
(October 12, 1921 to January 17, 2017 )
Resident of Exeter, California

Visitation Information:
Mass of Christian Burial will be held on Friday, January 27, 2017 at 11:00 am at the Church of the Annunciation in Williams, CA. Burial will follow at the Williams Cemetery. Remembrances may be made to the Infant of Prague Adoption Service, 6059 N Palm Ave, Fresno, CA 93704 or to the Williams Cemetery Fence Fund, P. O. Box 843, Williams, CA 95987.

Margrit Josefina Wallimann Rickey, born October 12,1921 in Alpnach Dorf, Switzerland, has passed on. She was loved by all, from her mother and father, Josefina Muller and Meinrad Wallimann, and all her siblings. Her longevity was exceeded only by her love, yet she survived four of her five siblings, Hans Wallimann who passed in 1993, Josef in 2000, Agnes in 2008 and Meinrad in 2014. She is survived by her brother Baltz Wallimann.
Margrit grew up on a dairy farm near Lucerne, Switzerland. From a young age she experienced many things most have never imagined. She lived through World War II in Switzerland, in a small town in the Alps whose bridges were rigged with explosives as a safeguard against possible invading Nazis. During this time they also sheltered a Jewish child for the duration of the war. These events are simply a warm up to the rest of her dynamic life. Later in her life, as she got older, she traveled throughout Europe having many adventures: she lived in Ticino, Switzerland, Italy, Holland, Paris, and London. Margrit learned English in London. She arrived in the United States in the mid 1950”s, and lived in New York City. She decided to tour the Untied States and eventually met her husband, Virgil Rickey, while they were both working at the Sugar Bowl Ski Resort. They married in 1957, and made their home in Los Angeles. After the firth of their daughter, Margarete, they moved to Williams.
In Williams they opened the Homestead Café. Margrit and Virgil were delighted when Virgil Jr. was born in 1965. Margrit and Virgil operated the café until Virgil’s death in 1972. After Virgil passed away, Margrit went to work at the Auction Yard Café where she worked hard, baking pies every night for many years.
In 1996 after the birth of Margarete’s daughters Margrit moved to Visalia, Margrit spent many happy years dividing her time between her California granddaughters, Clair and Renata, and Virgil’s children, Monty and Aramis in Missouri, all whom she showered with love, care, and M&M’s. Margrit was loved with equal measure for many years. Monty and Aramis are still in high school and doing well, while Claire and Renata are in the final year of college, in Eugene, Oregon and Olympia, Washington, respectively. They loved their grandmother with all their heart, and enjoyed bringing her gifts of Toblerone and oranges, some of Margrit’s favorite treats. Margrit played Swiss Jass cards with Monty and Aramis. Margrit was an enthusiastic player and enjoyed winning.
Margrit was a devout catholic, taking Jesus words “love they neighbor” to heart. She had great faith in the Blessed Virgin, prayed devoutly by her candles to the exacerbation of some concerned family whenever she’d leave the candle going. Margrit believed strongly in the power of the rosary, she was never seen without one close at hand. Above all, she had faith in God’s enduring love.
Margrit passed away quietly on January 17, 2017 in Visalia at the age of 95. Margrit is survived by her children, Margarete and Virgil, their spouses Michael and Elizabeth, her grandchildren Claire, Renata, Aramis and Monty as well as her brother Baltz.

Paula Dutil - January 30, 2017Contact this person Contact this person
Dan and I were sorry to hear of your mom's passing. We did not see the paper until after the funeral. We definitely would have been there. Our hearts are with both of the families. Paula and Dan Dutil