In Memoriam : Eric Juliani

Eric Michael Juliani - age: 29
(October 15, 1988 to May 06, 2018 )
Resident of Campbell, California

Visitation Information:
NO services will be held


Erica Pappalardo - May 14, 2018Contact this person Contact this person
I send my most sincere condolences for Eric's friends and family. I had the great pleasure of meeting Eric through work when he joined the Rochester School District and I will forever appreciate and warmly recall his commitment to positivity and support. Eric was always patient, understanding, and eager to be helpful to all. He truly had a special way of making us all feel valued and competent. One of my favorite memories of Eric is one afternoon when he joined the elementary math assessment team for lunch. Our routine was to head to Lone Oaks Ice Cream stand for ice cream lunch. Eric joined us and fit right in with his massive waffle cone order! As we all morn his loss, I know that we will balance the pain of his parting with the light that he shone on so many.