In Memoriam : Clorie Gill

Clorie Gill - age: 96
(December 03, 1921 to September 23, 2018 )
Resident of Exeter, California

Visitation Information:
Graveside service will be 10:00 AM Tuesday October 2nd at the Exeter District Cemetery followed by a luncheon at Merryman Station, 20898 Hwy. 198, Exeter.
In lieu of flowers please consider a contribution to your favorite charity.

Clorie Gill passed away on September 23, 2018. She was born in Goldthwaite, Texas on December 3, 1921 to parents Dollie and David Clarence Langford. Clorie was raised by her mother on a small family farm with her three brothers Don, Duward and Dorman. She took pride in her Texas roots and returned to her hometown annually until she was 92.
Her husband was a partner in the multi state ranching operation, Fred Gill and Sons Cattle Company, based in Exeter. After she and Adolph were married in 1949 their lives held many adventures. Clorie would tell of the postponement of her honeymoon, which was replaced by her assignment as the camp cook for a large crew of cowboys. This happened when the cook on their Roaring Spring ranch in Oregon unexpectedly quit. She would smile in remembrance when telling this story and the listener would feel that it might have been the best of honeymoons. Clorie and Adolph lived in Exeter and shared their lives together for 37 year until he passed in 1986.
The early years of their marriage were filled with pack trips on horseback, high mountain fishing trips and visits to the various family ranches. Clorie later dedicated her time to their children who were involved in numerous activities including horse events and motorcycle racing. Her home and car were always filled with her children and an unlimited number of their friends. Their home was always open and welcoming.
Clorie never waded into a project gently, she took on every endeavor with passion and high energy. She was an accomplished seamstress and she could make anything from the most stylish dress to a pair of leather chaps. There was no limit to what she could do, from building a closet, creating a fantastic meal, or painting a beautiful picture. Clorie was a woman who never took, “No” as an answer.
In the 1960’s she organized several of the largest fund-raising events, at that time, for the Republican Party. With the generous help of numerous community members, the events spearheaded by her and hosted at the Gill family home drew thousands of supporters for gubernatorial and presidential candidates.
Into her nineties you could find Clorie in her office reviewing family business accounts on her computer. This was the case unless there was a travel adventure to go on or a function to attend.
At family gatherings Clorie was often the first to arrive and the last to leave. She never wanted to miss anything. She loved to be on the go. Above all she adored holding her little great grandchildren and spending time with her family.
Clorie was a strong individual with a determined will. She wasted little time and she lived her life well. One of Clorie’s trademarks was her elegant manner of dress and demeanor. One couldn’t tell whether she was going out to a special event or not because each day she dressed to look her finest. She once joked that she should be buried with a shopping bag in her hand. The family has decided to send her off with a credit card instead, as we feel that one shopping bag will not be adequate.
Clorie was generous with her family and friends and was always ready to give her time to support her loved ones. She was the first to offer help when one needed care.
Clorie Gill was an amazing woman who touched many lives. Her family often hears other people’s words of praise about her kindness and generosity towards them. Many women have shared how her tenacity and elegance influenced the shaping of their lives.

When she passed at age 96 she was preceded in death by her mother Dollie Rey, husbands, Adolph William Gill and George Bassett of Tulare, her brothers, Don, Duward and Dorman, her step daughters Bonnie Gill and Virginia Howison, daughter Barbara Gill Williams and grandson Gill Howison. She leaves her family: children and their spouses, Sharon and Tres Moore, Linda Gill, Carrie and Rick Stephens, Fred and Teresa Gill. Her grandchildren include: Charlotte Mehrten, Henry Howison, Lou Howison, Shasta Williams, Molly Peterson, Elly Jo Kelly, Sam Scott, Gill Scott, Joshua Gayer, Jessica Gayer, Jacob Gayer, Melissa Baretto, Riley Helms, Levi Gill and Brian Gill. She also leaves 30 great grandchildren.

Penney Sick - October 1, 2018Contact this person Contact this person
My sincerest condolences, Clorie was an amazing woman.

Colleen Starr - October 2, 2018Contact this person Contact this person
I just want to say to Clorie's family that I am so sorry for there loss. Clorie is an amazing person, I was so blessed to be able to know her for this last few years. She had such an amazing life and she was so truthful and loving. She will be missed by so many I am sure. We have people go in and out of our lives, but Clorie Gill is one that will always be remembered.