In Memoriam : Annie Moberly

Annie Mae Moberly - age: 90
(March 20, 1929 to June 12, 2019 )
Resident of Exeter, California

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Kelly Ross-Rider - June 18, 2019Contact this person Contact this person
To Annie's family: Annie was dearly loved in Exeter. I remember her coming to the Chamber events years ago when I was involved. Annie was instrumental in starting the Exeter Senior Center, and was always ready to help mend an article of clothing, when she had her shop, or volunteer to help out in some way. She was always mindful of her contributions to the Exeter community. I recall when Annie donated half of her store for the book sale of the Friends of the Library! Such a GREAT lady!

Patricia Fuller - June 22, 2019Contact this person Contact this person
Annie was a hard working, caring woman and I remember her well. Her community spirit and energy impressed me very much. She inspired many to volunteer.