In Memoriam : Mildred Stepp

Mildred Stepp Mildred Mozell Stepp - age: 82
(May 21, 1940 to April 09, 2023 )
Resident of Farmersville, California

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Mildred Mozell Stepp
May 21, 1940 - April 9, 2023
Mildred Mozell Stepp was born on May 21, 1940 in Avant, AR to Robert James Godwin and Effie May Godwin. She was one of five children. She married Paul Juril Stepp on Oct. 21, 1957. They settled in the Exeter/Farmersville area as they raised their 4 children of their own, Teresa Stepp, Regina Vorst, Paul Stepp, and Kevin Stepp (Kim). Mozell had 9 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren.
Mozell went to be with the Lord on April 9, 2023. She passed peacefully at her home that she shared with Paul, who preceded her in death on Feb.
12, 2022.
Mozell went to be with her husband, parents, brother and one great grandchild that also preceded her in death.
She raised her children and grandchildren along with many other children that weren't hers. Her and Paul opened their home to many children in their 65+ years of marriage.
She was a loving mother, sister, grandmother and great grandmother and will be greatly missed by them and many more.

Kevin Stepp - April 19, 2023Contact this person Contact this person
I took a little time to try to come to terms that your really in shock and honestly feel broken. I know I'm being selfish but we wanted more time with you. God had other plans and gave you wings to forever be our guardian angel with Pops in Heaven..ill miss you for the rest of my life momma..I hope to make you proud. I'm sorry for all of my failures and shortcomings..I promise you I did the best I could..I love you forever mommy! Give pops a kiss and hug for me

Paul Stepp - April 26, 2023Contact this person Contact this person
Mom I'm going to miss being able to talk to you about all the good and bad things in my life. I know you're with dad now so I'm happy for you. And you're not longer in any pain. And although it's selfish a part of me still wishes you were here. I will always love and miss you. Rest in peace mom 😭

Kimberly Stepp - April 27, 2023Contact this person Contact this person
When I think of you I smile. I think of our trips to football games last year, our dinner at Chinaís and our phone calls. I also think of you sharing your plate at restaurants with Ashley when she was 2-3 years old because she liked what you had better every time. I think of the early days of Kevin and me being married and eating dinner with you most weekdays and the rest of the family all coming by because we all knew you didnít know how to cook for anything but an army. Our camping trips and especially our boating trips were the best. Then later in life as we all had work going on, your phone calls were always welcomed. You will be missed by me and our family and so many others. I do feel so happy that you and Paul are together again. I know you missed him so much. Thank you for everything you have done over the 30 + years Kevin and I have been together. We love you grandma. (I know you arenít my grandma but that is what I called you for the kids. You called me Mimmie♥️)

Ashley Garlin - April 29, 2023Contact this person Contact this person
Gosh itís taken me a while to write something because itís taken me a while to come to terms that youíre gone. I will forever cherish the memories I have with you in my heart. I know many people donít get to keep their grandmas until theyíre 26 years old but I was lucky enough to have you here on earth with me. Iíll hold onto the memories of you with us at football games, our breakfasts at Boss Hogs growing up, family gatherings at your house and you always making sure you had ketchup in the fridge because you knew I liked it on my fried potatoes and even though you thought I was insane to dip my bacon in ketchup, you always made sure it was there. Iíll cherish those times when you lived in Exeter and weíd hear the ice cream truck coming and you would grab your bag of change from your room so we could run out and get SpongeBob popsicles. I will miss your phone callsÖ your voicemails. I just know papa had to go and build you an amazing house in heaven and Iím so glad youíre both together again. Thank you for all the time and the years we had you here and I will miss you more than you know but itís not goodbye itís see you later. Ashey-Cole loves you always Grammy.

Celeste Stepp - April 30, 2023Contact this person Contact this person
When I think about my grandma is that she was a amazing woman that was my best friend she was always there for me thru the good times and bad she was always there for me.I'm so glad I got to come spend those 5 weeks we has so many good times I'll never forget the time we got to were so special to me grams I know a piece of me went with you because I just feel like I lost a piece of me that day.i know your in heaven smiling down and watching over us with grandpa.I love you to the Pluto and back.RIP grandma I'll miss you forever!

Brookes Stepp - April 9, 2024Contact this person Contact this person
It's hard to believe that you've been gone a year already.

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Mildred Stepp photo