Grief and Coping

It is never easy to cope with the loss of a loved one. We would to share a few words with you about the grieving process and coping with your loss, that may help you undertsand it a little better.

There are many stages of grieving such as denial, sadness, anger, depression and loneliness.  All of these emotions are natural responses to loss, and you are not abnormal for feeling them. It's important to remember that everyone grieves differently; someone may experience all or few of these stages, and in any order.  Everyone grieves and deals with the loss of a loved one in their own way.

We not only care about your needs and concerns for the preparation of the deceased's funeral, but we also care for the well being of the loved ones who are left behind grieving.

We have a number of resources that we can offer to help in the grieving process.

Our grief counselors are highly trained and experienced in the grieving processes. We are here and can help you make sense of your feelings and help you come to terms with this difficult situation.

Our counselors can also help you understand the behavior and emotions of others who are grieving. Our grief counselors can also help those who find loss particularly difficult, such as children, and have a number of different techniques to benefit anyone that is having an especially difficult time.