Frequently Asked Questions

How do I plan a funeral for my budget?
We offer many different options to help assist you in budgeting your funeral. We have many caskets choices, funeral reception types and even cremation options such as different urn types and styles.

Is it necessary to have a viewing?
It is not necessary, but it does give a chance for individuals such as family, friends and co-workers to pay their respects and offer their condolences. Even those who did not personally know the deceased may wish to do this, because they may have shared a similar situation.

Can I prepare for my own funeral?
You can preplan your own funeral and this is great for two reasons. First, you will have everything preplanned and laid out to your liking, and secondly, it will lift much of the burden of preparing and planning the funeral from your loved ones.

What about the religion of the deceased?
We believe the religion of the deceased was not only important but a large part of their life. We accept those of all religions or none, and look forward to assisting our clients with their specific needs and requests.

What is a death certificate?
A death certificate is basically a legal document containing information about the deceased such as the time, date and place of death.

What is the purpose of a death certificate?
Death certificates are necessary for a lot of legal reasons. The main reasons is legal proof of death, so the executor can produce documentation so action can be taken on wills, estates and life insurance policies.

Why would I choose cremation over a traditional burial?
There are many situations where people choose cremation over traditional burial, for example the deceased may have a very small family and so does not choose to have a large funeral service. The surviving spouse may move a lot due to military service or another job and would want to take the urn which the ashes are placed in with them. In other cases, it may be that is what the deceased requested and asked for.