In Memoriam : Jose Alvarado

Jose Alvarado Jose Luis Alvarado - age: 77
(February 02, 1934 to December 20, 2011 )
Resident of Farmersville, California

Visitation Information:
Visitation will be held on Tuesday, December 27, 2011 at Evans Miller Guinn Exeter Chapel from 2:00 to 6:00 PM followed by a Rosary at 6:00 PM. Mass will be held on Wednesday, December 28, 2011 at 1:00 PM at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Exeter. Burial will be in the Exeter District Cemetery.

Jose Luis Alvarado

Known too many as “Joe” or “Louie” Alvarado, on December 20, 2011, at the age of 77 passed away in Visalia, CA. He was born February 2, 1934 in Los Angeles to Carmen Romero Alvarado and Simon Alvarado.
He loved spending time with his family and gardening. He worked as a Landscaper in the Los Angeles area for 17 years prior to re-locating his family to the Central Valley. He prompted the move after the large earthquake that rocked the Los Angeles area in 1971; needless to say it moved him in more ways than one. He then started his own Gardening business that he loved and worked up until retiring in 2010.
He is preceded in death by his parents, Carmen & Simon, siblings, Andres, Pablo, Elvira, Rebecca, & Lola. Surviving siblings are Chico, Josie, Rachel, & Rosa, all of the Los Angeles area. He is survived by his beautiful bride of 55 years, Gloria Lopez Alvarado, and his children, Aurora Redfearn, Irma Cowling, Michelle Alvarado, Yvonne Contreras, Gloria Waldrum, Joe Alvarado Jr., & Elena Alvarado. He also is survived by amazing son in laws, Doyle Redfearn, Benjamin Alvarado, Johnny Contreras, Don Waldrum, & Isaac Romero. Grandchildren, Dawn Boland, Jessica Redfearn, Krystal Redfearn, Rebecca Cowling, Ray Cowling, Brian Deatherage, Johnathon Deatherage, Nicholas Deatherage, Hannah Waldrum, Adrianna Alvarado, Alicia Alvarado, Sabrina Alvarado, Mia Alvarado, Jorge Ortega, Simon Ortega, Isaac Romero Jr., Vanessa Romero, and 14 Great Grandchildren. Jose was a loving husband, father, grandfather & brother. He was a kind man with a big heart. Those that were privileged to know him will truly miss him.
Please join us for a celebration of a wonderful man’s life with family, friends, food and memories following services at the New Life Church at 501 E. Palm St in Exeter. Jose’s family would like to offer a special thank you to the extended Redfearn family for their caring support and preparation of the celebration of Jose’s life. Thank you also to the Evans Miller Guinn Chapel (John Guinn), the Kaweah Delta Hospital staff (Christine) who provided excellent care and compassion, and all the amazing family and friends for their support.

Dawn Boland - December 23, 2011Contact this person Contact this person
I just wanted to share one of the many memories I have of my Papa. I remember being a young girl, not even school age, and sitting with my Papa in the living room watching his Novelas and drinking coffee and eating bread. I remember he would let me dip my bread in his coffee, even though crumbs would fall into it. Then he would let me drink it with him. He said that made it sweeter! Love you Papa! :)

Gloria Sandoval - December 25, 2011Contact this person Contact this person
I got to know Joe , Louie as i knew him throught his Daughter Aurora who i work with in fresno. Sometimes Aurora will bring him to fresno and bring him in to the Beauty shop where Aurora worked. Aurora would say papa you need a hair cut and a pedicure so he enjoy his Daughter Aurora given him the works I always enjoy listening to what he had to say about his daughters or anything else. His English was a little broken but i never had a problem understanding him. I could see alot of love he had for his kids & family he was a very warm man. Louie you will be missed but never forgotten. Rest in peace.

Doyle Redfearn - December 25, 2011Contact this person Contact this person
One i recieved a phone call from one of Louie's younger childern I don't rember exactly which one, but they said to come quickly Papa needs help the police are here. Igot in my car and went to his house as quick asi could. What i found when i got there was Louie with his arms above his head and 3 or 4 police with guns drawn . I asked whatb the heck was going on and one of the officers said he had threatened them with a shotgun. I told the police that was hard to believe as Louie didn't even own a gun. Iasked Louie if he had theratened them whit a shotgun? He said all i said was ineed to go get my zacket (jacket) and they put guns on me. If you knew Louie you would understand then . He had a very Heavy Spanish accent. When he said jacket it probaly did sound like he said shot gun. Another fond memorie was one time agood friend of mine worked for the Tulare County Sheriff. Hestop Louie close to his housefor some violation. As he approached the truck he realized he knew him as my father-n-law. Hproceeded to ask four his operators licence and Louie gave him one still with a blk.-wht. picture on it . Hesays to Louie ;Mr. Alvarado this expeired 30yrs ago.LOuie said you just asked for the licence you didn't ask me it was good or not. Randy tells him your'e only a couple blocks from home. I want you to take your truck and trailer home and don't drive it no more, ok? Louie says ok I won't drive no more today, But i have to work tomorrow my family has to eat. My friend Randy comes to my home and tells me i need to take Louieto get a drivers licence. I told that I had already tried that but Louie said he didn't need one he wasn't going to break the law or go faster the speed limit. Thats a couple memories I have of hard workig good man . May God rest his Soul.

Stan & Michelle Bolas - December 29, 2011Contact this person Contact this person
To all Jose' family and Friends. Stan and I would like to say how sorry we are about Uncle Jose passing and we hope that you all find some comfort in knowing that he is with the Lord now. I was never able to meet Stan's Uncle Jose but have heard many stories of him. So I just want to share this one. When Stan's momma passed many years ago he told me of Uncle Jose and Aunt Gloria and how they had offered to take him in as they were so concerned for him. Stan eventually made it there to their home and stayed for some time until of course he ended up going back to his old ways. He talked very highly of you Gloria and his uncle Jose and how he learned so much from the two of you. He also said you both told him many times that one day he would meet a good woman. Well we have been married 13 years now and we both love Jesus very much. He always goes back to your advice at times and I know that he regrets the fact that he never made contact in the years past, I just hope now uncle Jose knows he is happy now and one day he will see his nephew again... God Bless you Gloria and all the rest of the family as you get through the days ahead. Michelle Bolas

Richard Arnold - December 29, 2011Contact this person Contact this person
I would like to extend my deepest sincere condolences to all of Jose's family and friends and especially to his wife Gloria, and Aurora, Doyle, Jessica, Krystal, Dawn and all those precious babies :)) As I write this message, I can see "Joe" in my mind and I remember meeting him a few years ago at a family function. It was my honor to have met Joe, and his beautiful wife Gloria. Over the course of several years, I've had the pleasure to learn of so many humorous and loving stories about Joe from Jessica and her family. Hearing these stories I truly wished I could have known him better, although, hearing these stories I felt as though he was my Grandfather, "Papa" as well, he obviously had the ability keep one smiling. I remember witnessing some of his gardening / landscaping "art" work, he was truly a craftsman of his trade. So to Gloria, Aurora, Jess, Doyle, Dawn, and Krystal as long as "we" remember "Dad" and "Papa", Joe lives !! and he will always live as long as we continue to honor him and celebrate his life. God Bless you all. Love Richard

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Jose Alvarado photo

Jose Alvarado photo

Jose Alvarado photo